Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As I write this, it's 5:10 am Turkey time. I've been up since 4:30 am, as I have been for the past however many days I've been home. I'm waiting for someone to go on Skype, so I can bore them with my boredom, and something's been wrong with Skype for some reason. (By the way, does anyone else have difficulties with iChat? I swear I've been trying to get it work for the past 12 hours, and haven't been successful at it yet.)

Yesterday, after a few months of being lazy and being swamped up with HW, I went to the gym. A lovely lady trainer wrote me a program, which took me 2 hours and 10 minutes of intense workout. And I'm not just talking running or cardio, that has always been the easy part for me, I'm talking weights and lifts on body parts that I didn't even know I had muscles in. After I was done, I couldn't lift up a water bottle. It felt good to be sore form working out again.

This outfit was from last night, technically the night before if we're counting today to be wednesday, when we went to an opening, and then to dinner with the family, well kind of 2/3 of the family, considering my older brother and sister in law weren't there. I forgot how much I love my one shoulder custom made dress, and these heels which I've left in Turkey on purpose, finally admitting that they're impossible to walk in on San Francisco hills.


  1. I loooooove your shoes. fendi right? Love the clutch and rings aswell!
    oh and did i said i love your sky high killer heels? :)
    I like the second picture. you look cute!

    oh and ichat works fine with me...maybe your laptop is a little bit sick. :)

  2. You're so nice to me! They are Fendi, I got them last year for New Years.

    And I finally got iChat to work a couple hours ago, turns out I just had to remember my AIM account. Duh!



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