Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not only have I been impressed with her acting in almost every single one of her movies (how can a person play such a "string villain," Alice in "Closer," and play a "white swan" in "Black Swan" so impeccably?!), and her solemn beauty, but after reading her interview in Vogue US January, I once again learned how down to earth she is. I'm assuming it's rare to have ultra amazing stars not have their fame get to their heads.

pictures via fashiongonerouge.


  1. I seriously fucking love natalie portman. Loved her with the short hair.

    ps; short hair will look good on you, i think!

  2. If you love her, you're going to love her even more when you watch The Swan, if you haven't already.

    I want to take a risk and chop my hair, I think I might do it sometime next year.



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