Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I was in a car for an hour and a half today, stuck in traffic, on a route that usually takes people about 20 minutes. My step dad and I were in the car for so long that the same song came on the same station twice. And it was a bad station, I'm talking artists like Kesha and Bruno Mars bad - no offense to those of you who like them. -I think the one and only time when I smiled was when Justin's voice was on the radio, saying "Hi this is Justin Timberlake and you're listening to Virgin Radio," and they didn't even play a song of his after that. Since I don't drive, I'm not really used to being in traffic a lot. Especially now that I spend most of my year in Frisco, I'm never in a car, therefore never experience traffic. And after today, I decided that I wouldn't be in a car, unless I completely have to, between the hours of 6pm and 8pm.

It wasn't long before I went into my mom's closet to go through what she has purchased while I wasn't here, and I immediately took this belt from her. Okay, she kind of gave it to me because she hasn't worn it much, but I would have asked for it regardless. And I don't remember if I wrote about the fact that I completely forgot three pairs of shoes in my luggage when I unpacked this summer, but I did, and these were one of the pairs. They're extremely comfortable, and they go with EVERYTHING! Or at least I like wearing them with everything. And I took the smaller watch from my grandma's jewelry box. It doesn't work, but it's nothing that a battery won't fix.


  1. nooooo, how could you! I like bruno mars! hahahah :)

    love the belt. and the shoes.... HOT! Where did you got those babies? who are they by?

  2. Hahah sorry about Bruno Mars, I have a thing about catchy song writers, I just don't like them!

    The shoes are from Aldo, from a couple of years ago. I love how structured they are!



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