Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yesterday my lovely friend Daniel and I went shopping for a New Years dress for me, that I would wear at my house back home, when my mom does the annual family New Years dinner. This year, ideally, I want to wear a long dress, but Daniel prepared me for the worst; we might not find a long dress, and fall in love with a short one. However, that wasn't "the worst."

We went to Max Mara, BCBG, Barneys, Saks, Nordstrom, nothing, nothing, something, nothing, nothing... The only dress I kind of liked was one I tried at Barneys, and I said to myself, well, and Daniel, that if I woke up today, and still wanted the dress, I would go and get it. I wasn't thinking about that dress today when I woke up, I was thinking about the yummy fruit salad I was about to make for myself. So, I'm still on the hunt for a long dress.

I know it's best to be comfortable in what you shop in, and I was semi-comfortable, but I feel like the better you look, the better chance you have of finding something you like. Not only you feel better, but the people who work there get a better chance of what you're into. But that's just me...


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  2. I love your handbag! Did you find that dress yet?

  3. Thank you! I haven't found a dress yet though :( We'll look again next monday, if not, I'll wear one of the dresses I already own.



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