Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello my lovely readers! I feel like I haven't gotten a chance to write on my blog in years! Like I said yesterday, I had a friend over for 4 days, and since I have two more weeks of school yet, my schedule is getting more intense by the minute. I think I might have missed one of my deadlines already :( I guess this is my way of apologizing for the next few weeks where I might post less than I usually do.

My whole weekend consisted of eating, walking around, eating, walking around, sleeping, and the eating a little bit more. We had so much food that I refuse to go on the scale for the next week. If not from the other things we've had, I know I put on a few pounds on Saturday afternoon where we had shrimp, crab cakes, a whole crab, and a bottle of wine, and then some :) To anyone who visits San Francisco, I know there are several places you can eat at when you go to Fishermen's Wharf, but I suggest you try the Crab House.

And I started off the week with a nice surprise form Solestruck! I couldn't resist these shoes and I had ordered them a week ago, and they arrived today. You'll be seeing them on me in the next few days, they feel really comfortable, although I probably could have gotten it a half size bigger. It's okay though, I stopped feeling my feet a few years ago...

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