Saturday, January 1, 2011


On and off, I've been thinking all day what to write as my first post of the year. I really wanted to say something inspirational, but I erased everything I've scribbled down, not wanting to run the risky line between cliche and inspirational. Then I thought I'd share some pictures to make you happy, but when individualities mix, feelings change too.

So now, as I have my scull, who I've named Nick for obvious reasons, stare up at me, I can only think of saying may your year go exactly the way you want it to, as long as it doesn't hurt other people. (Proves my point of saying something inspirational/cliche. Maybe you should read Hemingway for some inspiration, and not me.)


  1. omg! you read Hemingway?! I adore hemingway. some people collect stamps.. i collect inspiring quotes by great writers. :)
    i have this cute little red moleskine book i write it the things i read.

  2. I must say that I haven't read too much of his books to say that I read Hemingway, but I love reading, and I have read a few books of him.



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