Monday, January 17, 2011


I know, I know, I have been a bad blogger. But give me some credit; with the time difference and how tired I was after being on air / at airports for about a day, all I did was to sit on my (newly covered) couch. Oh, and watch the Golden Globes, but that's another post.

I haven't gotten used to being back yet, but this happens every time; I get used to being around family and friends so much that not having that around all of a sudden throws me off of my daily routine. This time though, I miss my family more than anything. Especially my mother, who I get used to so much so fast. It's okay though, she knows this is what I want to do in life, so her seeing me happy makes her happy, which makes me happy. Get it?

Since I've been back, I haven't gotten a chance to take new pictures, but I though I'd post the last outfit I wore back at home before I got here, and my freshly painted nails. I'm obsessed with this color right now. I must have looked like a fool at the airport for trying to protect my nails. It would take me over a minute to unzip my bag. Anyways, aside from my glasses and my jewelry, I literally left everything I wore in these pictures. Shoes, pants, oversized button-up, purse... All of it. So typical.


Eger kotu bir blogger oldugumu dusunduyseniz son birkac gundur, haklisiniz. Ama San Francisco'ya dondugumden beri yol yorgunlugundan ve uykusuzluktan dinlenmek disinda hicbir sey yapamadim. Bir de Golden Globe'lari izledim tabi, ama onu baska bir postta anlatmayi dusunuyorum.

Bu kiyafet buraya gelmeden onceki son kiyafetim, dedigim gibi geldigimden beri pek birseye zamanim olmadigindan, daha fotograf cekemedim. Bu arada da su an fark ettim ki burda giydigim hicbir seyi yanimda getirmemisim, neden diye sormayin, ben de bilmiyorum...


  1. saatini cok ama cok sevdim !!

  2. ayakkabılar çok güzel!!!

  3. Cok tesekkurler ikinize de.

    Sena, saatimi bir arkadasim Kanada'dan 10 dolara almisti, ve ben beyendim diye bana vermisti.

    Burcu, cok guzeller ama hayatimda giydigim en rahatsiz ayakkabi olabilirler gercekten!

  4. bloguna her halükarda çok beğeniyodum ama türkçe yazmana da çok sevindim :)



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