Friday, January 14, 2011


The hardest decisions I make right before I leave is to choose what shoes I want to bring with me. (As snobby as that sounds, let's be honest, this is a fashion blog, whatever I say or obsess about is going to sound very snobbish.) These are the ones which "made the cut" this year.

Be prepared for a picture overload tomorrow when I have 9 hours to kill at Munich airport. Oh yes, you did read it right.


Bavul yaparkenki en zor kararim hangi ayakkabilarimi alicagimla ilgili oluyor hep, hele cikacagim "tatil" 5 aylik bir okul donemi oldugunda. Yanimda goturduklerimin resmini koyuyorum, ama asil postlar icin yarini beklemeniz gerekecek. Munih havaalaninda 9 saatim var sizi (ve kendimi) eylendirmek icin.

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