Saturday, January 15, 2011


Really sorry about the last minute post from last night. It wasn't a hectic night by no means, but I certainly had to do other stuff, like finishing up packing.

It was a great night with family, (minus my younger older brother, who you all seem to fancy since my A Family Affair post, because he was celebrating his best friend's dinner. Still think he is charming??) and my plus one, NS. We had our traditional "Alara's last night food," which was schnitzel with this Turkish food made from eggplant, called begendi. Yum. Won't get to eat that for another 5 months now. Along with our traditional dinner, we had our traditional laughter. It was a good last night.

Now, I'm sitting at the Munich airport, waiting for my other plane, which will depart in exactly 6 and a half hours. Any suggestions other than reading all fashion magazines, finishing up "Girl Who Played With Fire," and possibly getting a massage at the "Relaxing Spa?" I don't even have free internet, I need to pay lot's of dollars for an hour. Is internet ever going to be free?

Under the interesting stares of strangers, (when you wear a multicolor, blanket-like, extremely large coat, apparently people like to look) I will now start organizing my computer. I've been itching to do that, and decided to do it at the airport to kill some unneeded time. Oh, I also have a script to write. More posts when I decide to stop being so chary and spend more money on internet access.


Onumuzdeki 6 bucuk saat boyunca Munih havaalaninda dolaniyor olma durumum var. Inat edip obur ucagi kacirma sansimi yuzde sifira indirmek adina bu kadar erken ucaga bindigim icin kendimden baska hic kimseyi suclayamiyorum. Belki 100 sayfa kitap, sayisizca dergi ve muhtemel bir masajdan sonra bu vakit gecmis olur. Neyse ki havaalaninin soguklugu bana hic koymuyor, cunku ustumdeki palto paltodan cok battaniye gorevi gormekte.

Bu arada internet de parali, cok sinir bir durum. Belki cimriligimi kesersem bir saatlik daha internet alip size daha cok fotograf postlari yaparim. Simdilik elimi cabuk tutup olabilecek tum internet sayfalarini aciyorum ki internetim gittiginde bakmaya devam edebiliyim. Son 13 dakka 37 saniye. 36. 35...


  1. you know IM IN LOVE WITH THIS!

  2. I thought you might want to use it for some of your projects ;)

  3. I think i'll start coming up with ideas on how to use it now!



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