Thursday, March 3, 2011


This outfit is a very balanced mixture of this one, and this one. Shoes and jacket from the first with the collar & black dress from the second. I love that spot on the road because it reminds me of Pursuit of Happiness, which I just watched with my friend Carolina. I LOVE that movie, it's so inspiring. And now, as my not so anymore guilty pleasure - American Idol.
Kiyafetim bunla bunun muhtesem karisimindan dogan bir kyafet :) Bu bolgeyi cok seviyorum cunku bana Pursuit of Happiness filmini hatirlatiyor. Cok yazamiyorum, artik gizliligi pek kalmamis olan American Idol tutkuma geri donuyorum...

pictures by WD.


  1. ceketinni nerden aldiiinnn

  2. tesekkurler! Burberry'nin 2 sene onceki yaz koleksyonu



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