Monday, April 4, 2011


I had a beautiful ending to a beautiful day yesterday, eating out at Wayfare Tavern. It's like the Balthazar of San Francisco! I wanted to take a picture of every food that arrived on the table but I was so excited to eat my steak that I forgot. However, you can see the puffy bread and my surprise desert. I'm telling you, there is a fat girl who lives inside of me and want's to break free so bad.
Dun geceki Wayfare Tavern'da yedigimiz yemek cok guzel bir gune cok guzel bir son getirdi. Gelen yemeklerin resimlerini cekmek istiyordum ama etim icin o kadar heycanlandim ki unuttum resmi :) Ama gelen sahane ekmegin ve supriz tatlinin fotograflarini cekmeyi akil edebildim. Idda ediyorum ki icimde disariya cikmayi arzulayan sisko bir kiz yasiyor.

Wearing Alexander Wang Shirt, Smythe Blazer, Bebe Heels, Chanel Purse, Aldo Bracelet.

pictures by WD.


  1. WOOOOOOW!!!!! Hello hello, chic and gorgeous lady! I'm happy you had such an awesome time! :D Your dessert looks super delicious! And your outfit is stylish and sexy at the same time! I adore your blazer and top and I WANT YOUR SHOES!!! And not only this pair (is it pair or pare? @_@)! :D You look fab! I'm leaving for school, so no more blah blah, you look stunning!! :D

  2. mükemmel olmuş kombinin bayıldım canım

  3. elbisenin dekoltesi cok hos
    durmus sende..
    herkese yakismaz o dekolte !

  4. Demy, pare are pair, doesn't matter, but it's pair :) Thank you so much!

    Cok tesekkurler ikinize de :)

  5. you are truly a style inspiration/icon! you make everything/anything look great! :)

  6. Paige! You're so cute! Thank you :)



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