Sunday, April 3, 2011


Flowers my mom sent me. ~ Annemin bana gonderdigi cicekler...

Me "blowing out" my birthday cake that my mom had for me in Turkey. That's how good I am, I blow here, the candle goes out there.
Annemin Istanbul'dan bana "uflettigi" dogumgunu pastam. Ben burdan ufledim, o orda sondurdu :)

My neighbor's surprise to me - the sign she had outside her window!
Karsi komsum Deniz'in bana dogumgunu surprizi, tesekkurler Deniz'cim!

The cupcakes my friends Heather & Nicolette made for me!
Arkadaslarimin bana yaptigi cupcake'ler!

The best part of today, my picnic at Alamo Square for my birthday, with my "Happy Birthday" balloons, and the best company I could ask for.
Ve gunumun su ana kadarki en guzel zamani; Alamo Square'de yaptigimiz piknik, "Happy Birthday" balonum, ve bana eslik etmesini istedigim tek kisi...

... and the champagne we're sipping on now, with the addition of raspberries ;)
... ve su an icdigimiz ahududulu sampanya ;)

Wearing Soft Skirt as a Dress, MIA Sandals, Urban Outfitters Necklace and Ray Ban Sunglasses.


  1. Aww belated Happy Birthdaaaaaaayyy!!! I'm such an asshole, I forgot it was on Sunday... I wish you ALL the best! :D Healt, love, happiness, and lots of new buys :P :P Awesome pics! Needless to say that you are stunning in this striped dress! :D

  2. dogum günün kutlu olsunnnnn !!!!!!!!
    cok seker fotograflar !
    hele o balonla olanlar =)

  3. Thank you Demy, and no worries!

    Cok tesekkur ederim!

  4. It is! I love mixing champagne with any sort of berries!

  5. Geçte olsa iyiki doğdun demek istedim Alaracim. Herşey herzaman gönlünce olsun canım.



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